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England Studying "Charge As You Drive" Inductive Charging Roads

England Studying “Charge As You Drive” Inductive Charging Roads

M4 Motorway England, UK

The British government is continuing on with a study of inductive charging on Englands busy A roads a reality, reports the BBC (via Gizmodo).

Feasibility of the technology hasnt been fully proven as of yet, but England is getting one step closer by tendering bids for off-road trials. If off-road trials are successful, you might be able to drive long distances across the UK without needing to stop to recharge. The trials are expected to take 18 months from 2016 to 2017.

Elon, you might soon lose your killer app.

The technology has been used in the past in England and elsewhere to provide electricity for public transportation fleets. In Milton Keynes, metal plates were installed in the road to inductively charge buses, but those vehicles must stop in order to receive an electrical top up.

The long-term plan to install the technology in public roads might come to a halt even if the technology itself is proven to work in off-road trials. The cost to implement it on British roads combined with advances in battery technology may negate its viability.

However, this does open up the possibility of a whole new class of vehicle — that of the battery-less EV — which would likely be much more efficient as less mass would need motivation. Also, just imagine how roomy it would make the autonomous pods of the future.

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    All look challenging to the mouth in one way or another, has GAC become so popular that these are being designed with thwarting li’l Griffin in mind?

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