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Supercar prices tumble

Supercar prices tumble

Premiums of the world’s hottest supercars are falling as buyers fail to snap them up at the prices originally asked. The biggest hit has been taken by the 205mph Porsche Carrera GT. Prices for the Zuffenhausen supercar originally hovered at around £375,000, a £65,000 mark-up over the UK list price. Now, however, anyone wanting to bolt themselves into a GT with instant delivery should expect to pay around £340,000 – even though the UK’s allocation of the 1500 cars on sale worldwide has already sold out. Supercar dealer Tom Hartley, who has already had several Carrera GTs pass through his hands, expressed surprise at the speed prices have dropped for the Porsche. ‘The Carrera GT is desirable and sellable, but not the hot property that we thought,’ he said. ‘Prices will have settled down to list by the end of the year.’ The tumbling prices are also good news for those with their hearts set on a Ferrari Enzo, which was clocked at 219mph in last week’s Autocar. Despite prices soaring to a whopping £600,000 soon after the first examples came to the UK, you can now expect to pick one up for around £520,000 – if you can find one. However, experts believe the Enzo will settle at this price for some time.

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