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First look: new Porsche 911

First look: new Porsche 911

These are the first official pics of the new Porsche 911. The changes to the bodywork are slight, but Porsche has made big changes under the skin of its facelifted 911, including new engines with direct injection for the first time, and a double-clutch transmission. The addition of direct injection cuts the C02 emissions of the Carrera 3.6 to 225g/km, making it the only other Porsche model alongside the 2.7-litre Boxster and Cayman that falls into band F for road tax. Despite this, power is increased by 20bhp to 345bhp; the 3.8-litre unit in the Carrera S now has 385bhp, up by 30bhp. Torque has also increased, by 14lb ft in the Carrera (to 287lb ft) and by 15lb ft in the S, to 310lb ft. The new seven-speed, double-clutch transmission, called PDK (for Porsche Doppelkupplungsgetriebe), cuts the 242g/km CO2 output of the manual S to 240g/km. The unit weighs 10kg less than a Tiptronic gearbox.It also cuts acceleration times by 0.2sec; the Carrera now hits 60mph in 4.7sec, the S in 4.5sec. The optional Sports Chrono Package Plus (which includes launch control) cuts the 0-62mph time by a further 0.2sec.The mildly restyled body features new air intakes and new LED driving lights, and the rear lights now use LEDs. New 18 and 19-inch wheels are available, and the rear end features new tailpipes and an altered lower valance. Inside the changes are minimal; the touch screen is now slightly larger, and there’s the option of ventilated seats. Porsche is increasing the price of the 911 to coincide with the new model. The 3.6 Carrera now starts at £63,070, with the 3.8 Carrera 4S costing £77,650. The Turbo and GT models will get the facelift early next year.

Dan Stevens

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