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Reilly: ‘Opel requires a mini’

Reilly: ‘Opel requires a mini’

New Opel/Vauxhall president Nick Reilly makes creating a new city vehicle his main concern.

The tiniest vehicle in Opel’s range at the moment may be the Agila, which shares its platform using the Suzuki Splash and it is built at Suzuki’s Hungarian facility. Suzuki has lengthy been associated with partial takeover by Volkswagen, though, inside a move which may scupper any deal Opel has in position using the Japanese firm.

Reilly thus remains keen to press up with intends to create a city vehicle unique to Opel, to compete inside a segment he describes as critical as the downsizing trend continues across Europe.

“I see gaps [within our range] which have to be filled,” Reilly told reporters inside a business call. “Opel requires a small that’ll be our main concern.Inches

Reilly also committed themself to developing hybrid automobiles and named Ellesmere Port like a leading contender for European manufacture of the Chevrolet Volt-based Ampera.

“We can uses global technology and check out presenting hybrids,” he stated. “Ampera is going to be produced in Europe. Initially it will likely be imported in the US, however in the lengthy term, we’re searching for any local source.

“Ellesmere Port is among the candidates, but you will find others. Also, we’ll take a look at battery technology. Electric automobiles will raise the concentrate on that.”

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