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Seat launches digital museum to showcase its heritage

Seat launches digital museum to showcase its heritage

Seat has released a ‘digital museum’ devoted to honoring its little-known background and showcasing its heritage models.

The museum launch was marked by having an event held around Seat’s manufacturing facility in Barcelona, in which the full-range from the Spanish vehicle maker’s heritage models were displayed.

Each model was digitally made online, with three-dimensional mock-ups located inside a virtual building created by a small group of architecture students.

Digital museum belongs to a push by Seat to improve understanding of its 60-year heritage, but senior brand executive Jochen Dries required the unusal step of denying the firm had any intention placing a retro-inspired halo model, like the Volkswagen Beetle or Fiat 500, into production.

Digital museum is going to be broadened weight loss models are adopted through the heritage collection. Eight models are presently under restoration by a small group of Seat employees, including models in the first couple of years of the trademark.

“We’d never say not to an actual museum, however the digital museum is obtainable to everybody,” stated Dries. “It’s not necessary to depart your house to determine it, where presently our heritage collection only has been available to select people.

“We’re attempting to digitise a listing in our history, that is a operate in progress. Collecting everything, from obtaining the digital museum ready to go, to presenting our heritage cars at different occasions and classic motor shows, is definitely an ongoing process.

“The trouble with creating a new retro model includes selecting one to base this type of vehicle on from your history. It’s this is not on the shortlist at this time. Short-term, it isn’t something you will see from Seat.”

Although Dries refused plans for any halo heritage model, given the prosperity of other cars within the segment and Seat’s new-found confidence, the business’s expansion into new segments is inevitable because the brand develops.


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