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Europe’s most overloaded city

Europe’s most overloaded city

The city is Europe’s most overloaded city, according to a different survey by sitting-nav manufacturer TomTom.

Using speed data taken by its sitting-navs, TomTom states motorists in The city face congestion on 37.7 percent of their streets.

TomTom defines congestion as when motorists need to travel at 70 percent or fewer from the posted speed limit, and just evaluated date from metropolitan areas having a population of 500,000 or even more.

London was 4th within the poll, with congestion on 34.7 percent of routes.

Edinburgh was fifth on 34.5 percent.

Top ten most congested European cities

1 Brussels 2 Warsaw 3 Wroclaw 4 London 5 Edinburgh 6 Dublin 7 Belfast 8 Marseille 9 Paris 10= Luxembourg 10= Milan

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