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Hertz to employ out Lotus Elises

Hertz to employ out Lotus Elises

Lotus has struck an offer with vehicle rental company Hertz to permit its cars to become hired in Italia.

Lotus Elise SCs, that can come in Hertz’s trademark yellow and also have a customised interior, is going to be offered by the center of This summer.

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Mike Kimberley, Lotus leader, stated, “I am delighted that Lotus Cars has joined into this agreement with Hertz, giving us the chance to create our stunning first class sportscars open to the rental market.

“The legendary and multi-award-winning Lotus Elise and also the stunning Lotus Exige would be the perfect fun car rentals for individuals who would like exclusive and performance motoring.“

The offer mirrors previous partnerships between Ford and Hertz to book out exclusive versions from the Mustang.

Giuseppe Caminiti, fleet director for Hertz Italiana, stated, “We released the Hertz Fun Collection this past year to provide our clients the chance they are driving the cars they’ve always dreamed of driving.

“The Lotus Elise SC is among these dream cars by including it within the Hertz’s Fun Collection our clients come with an chance they are driving a genuine sports vehicle.”

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