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Record sales for Mazda

Record sales for Mazda

Britain is just about the greatest marketplace for Mazdas in Europe. The maker moved an archive 11,372 cars in September, a rise of 8.3 percent, or 900 models, within the previous greatest month in March 2008.

It had been even the single greatest month for Mazda since its arrival within the United kingdom in early 1960s. The Mazda 2 was easily the greatest selling vehicle within the Mazda range, with 4,824 models departing the showrooms.

“This is a difficult year for that industry,” stated Jeremy Thomson, Controlling Director Mazda United kingdom. “However, we view our retail share increase with the year, which is the actual test of recognition as opposed to just simple volume.

“To place the September sales achievement into perspective it is only 4,488 sales lacking the entire year volume in 2001 whenever we required within the business.”

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