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‘Toyobaru’ project postponed

‘Toyobaru’ project postponed

Toyota and Subaru have postponed manufacture of their collectively developed sports coupe within the wake from the new vehicle sales slump.

The ‘Toyobaru’ – a couple 2 that may end up being the spiritual successor towards the Supra – won’t arrive until 2012 as soon as possible, based on reviews. That’s a delay with a minimum of 18 several weeks.

“We’re talking about with Fuji Heavy the timing for the beginning of production along with other particulars,” is Hideaki Homma, a Toyota representative, would tell reporters.

Toyota lately bending its stake in Subaru’s parent company Fuji Heavy Industry to fifteen percent. But Japan’s greatest vehicle maker has published an unpredicted loss for that year and it is unwilling to attempt any dangerous projects.

The program was for Fuji Heavy Industry to construct the coupe for Toyota and Subaru. Both models might have had different styling and marketing. The designs were regarded as in an advanced stage and test mules happen to be spotted.

But because Japan’s domestic market still contract, analysts are predicting the work is going to be shelved for a while.



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