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Every C-class is going to be hybrid

Every C-class is going to be hybrid

The following-generation Mercedes C-class may have hybrid technology on just about any model so that they can drive average fuel consumption lower to supermini levels, say company sources.

Likely to be released at the end of 2013, the brand new C-class household is being designed to demanding CO2 targets. Based on one insider, probably the most frugal diesel-engined model within the range is targeting average pollutants of just 100g/km, as the most economic gas version will be between 110g/km and 120g/km.

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Early prototypes are increasingly being examined, but Autocar is aware of there’s still some debate whether three-cylinder engines is going to be fitted. Another possibility would be that the new cars uses four-pot engines outfitted with cylinder deactivation technology, permitting the motors to from time to time operate on just two cylinders.

In addition to these downsized engines and electrical the help of hybrid transmissions, the brand new C-class cars may benefit from reduced friction within the engine, gear box and wheel bearings. The cars’ overall weight, despite adding a little battery power, motor unit and power electronics, will disappear by around 10 percent.

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