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See a 2018 Audi RS4 Wagon Testing in the Nurburgring

Visit a 2018 Audi RS4 Wagon Testing within the Nurburgring

What’s promising-the, good news for sport sedan fans-is the fact that a brand new Audi RS4 is originating in 2018. Heinz Hollerweger, the mind of Audi Quattro GmbH, confirmed just as much to all of us last summer time. Now, we see it working out in the Nurburgring, also it sure looks quick. This short video, published by Vehicle Spy News, shows a rather-camouflaged Audi wagon cornering fast and flat in the famous test track. The camouflage, as well as the outright speed from the hatchback hauler, appears to verify it as being an RS4, regarded course we cant be 100-percent certain. As Hollerweger informed us this past year, the brand new RS4 will switch in the current naturally-aspirated V8 to some twin-turbo V6 within the next generation, making some thing compared to current gens 420 horsepower. What is not yet been seen, though, is whether or not an RS4 wagon will get to the U.S. Hollerweger didnt rule it entirely, but hot wagons such as this are generally a Europe-only affair. Whether it performs such as this, we’ll anxiously need it.

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