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Audi ‘deeply’ into design update

Audi ‘deeply’ into design update

Audi is focusing on a variety-wide update of their design language to determine a larger number of design cues because of its growing selection of bars, SUVs and sportscars.

Talking with Autocar yesterday in a design event working in london, Audi design director Stefan Sielaff stated the organization had been deeply in to the project, that will carefully define some individual styles for each one of the three major model families.

Underneath the acronym ‘AQR’, in which a means Audi (bars and hatches) Q for Quattro (Sports utility vehicle models) and R for sports cars, Sielaff’s team are specifiying new design values, such as the slope-back position for that grille around the three kinds of models, headlamp shape and the body surfacing.

“We realize that many people think our bars look too alike and therefore are well right into a project to alter that,” he states, “we will mainly do this using the proportions of individuals cars”.

The AQR system, for instance, will make sure that Audi’s bars have a more sloped-back grille, as the Q models will feature more upright grilles.

“And it’ll mean variations, say in the manner the car headlights encounter the grille the look particulars will change,Inches states Sielaff.

What Audi won’t compromise, however, may be the company’s brand value. “That comes make up the board lower. Within the luxury market brand always comes first. We can’t change that.“

Audi can also be dealing with a significant project to define how its electric e-tron cars will appear later on. To date the e-tron concepts have adopted the proportions of traditional, IC-engined cars. But Sielaff states there’s a view the EV’s styling should reflect the various nature from the powertrain.

“Some individuals are saying we don’t alter the styling for any diesel and gas vehicle. But there’s another view that, for instance, a steam locomotive looks completely different for an electric one. We’ll need to observe how that one calculates,“ he states.

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