> Console > The Bentley Bentayga’s Optional Dash Clock Costs $160,000

The Bentley Bentayga’s Optional Dash Clock Costs $160,000

The Bentley Bentayga’s Optional Dash Clock Costs $160,000

When you are approaching using the options list for any vehicle that starts near to one fourth million dollars, you are offering greater than upgraded leather and massaging seats. Within the Bentley Bentayga, youll have the ability to select a fancy clock that costs $160,000. Popping to have an upgraded clock can be considered a huge waste of cash, but rather than certification the a watch manufacturing company and slapping it evidently of the clock thats nothing special, Bentley introduced Breitling in to produce a clock thats really worth having to pay for. Known as the Mulliner Tourbillon, the Bentaygas optional clock is really a mechanical masterpiece. Fully mechanical without any electronic doodadery inside, the time is self-winding just like a fine wrist-worn watch. As seen above, an motor unit rotates the time from time to time to make sure it never has no power. Its beautiful, and amazingly designed, even when it’s hideously ostentatious and exorbitantly listed. Plus, you can discover the shocking truth from it winding itself for hrs.

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