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DS to guide PSA Group in to the US along with other marketplaces

DS to guide PSA Group in to the US along with other marketplaces

The recently separated DS brand looks set to accept PSA Group into new marketplaces, with development boss Eric Apode acknowledging that his need to see DS considered like a global premium brand means growing into new sales areas included in the lengthy-term strategy.

Probably the most apparent of those will be the US both Peugeot and Citro?n sell cars in certain South American nations, but neither has imported in to the US since Peugeot’s withdrawal in 1991. Although Apode is careful to state there aren’t any immediate intends to mind back there, he accepted in an event in France that “wherever there’s reasonably limited market you want to be… we’ve suggested an approach to maintain the 200 most significant metropolitan areas on the planet and later on we’ll clearly be targeting individuals cities”.

PSA Group confirms return to North American car market

PSA lately introduced its re-admission to the united states market, that will take ten years to apply. However, beginning in 2017, it’ll go into the US like a “mobility provider”, basically supplying vehicle-discussing schemes, although not always with Peugeot, Citro?n or DS items.

DS has dedicated to starting six new models by 2020, with Apode verifying this means an finish to the development of separate versions for various marketplaces like the current China-only DS models. He accepted it would “make a lot of sense” not less than certainly one of individuals forthcoming models to become an Sports utility vehicle as well as suggested he sees electric mobility as being a member of the brand’s future. “it is really a technology that you want to engage in I’d say,” he stated.

DS E-Tense Concept out in Paris after boss hints at production

Momentum for that electric E-Tense supercar concept first proven only at that year’s Geneva motor show can also be building. The vehicle was shown around the roads of Paris earlier this year, recommending the vehicle maker is gauging public response before determining when the model can make production.

PSA Group boss Carlos Tavares has additionally lately dropped an additional hint the E-Tense supercar could reach production by 2021.



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