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Geneva motor show 2013: Lamborghini readies Ferrari F12 rival

Geneva motor show 2013: Lamborghini readies Ferrari F12 rival

Lamborghini looks set to steal the Geneva motor show headlines having a front-engined V12 GT that’s made to rival the Ferrari F12.

Company chairman Stephan Winkelmann has told Autocar that Lamborghini will disclose “something truly remarkable that’s in line with the V12″ in the Geneva motor show the following month. The idea will form area of the company’s ongoing 50th anniversary celebrations.

Based on Winkelmann, the vehicle may have two doorways, two seats along with a V12 engine – nevertheless its underpinnings won’t be according to individuals from the Aventador. Which means that it will likely be a front/mid-engined vehicle, similar to the Ferrari F12, but featuring Lamborghini’s staple of 4-wheel drive and forged carbon construction.

Autocar is aware of the new Lambo is a concept for future consideration, not really a model that’s confirmed for production.

Winkelmann has accepted that his primary focus at this time is persuading the board from the Volkswagen Group, which is the owner of Lamborghini, to eco-friendly-light the Urus Sports utility vehicle. “Everyone at Lamborghini wants this vehicle to occur,Inches he told Autocar. “But the decision is basically from our hands.

“We will have to sell between 3000 and 4000 good examples annually for that Urus to warrant its financial commitment, and I’m certain that we’re able to do this. It’s a choice they [the VW board] will, I really hope, make soon.Inches

If because of the go-ahead by VW, the Urus will cost “approximately exactly the same amount like a Gallardo” so expect £140k-£160k.

Although Winkelmann told Autocar that naturally aspirated engines remain answer to Lamborghini with regards to sports and supersports cars (such as the Aventador and then-generation Gallardo, due in 2014), the problem could be different by having an Sports utility vehicle. “In a vehicle like this, a hybrid turbo would be preferable,Inches he stated.

It remains seen when the Volkswagen Group allows Lamborghini to boost its 50th anniversary celebrations at Geneva by announcing that the new third model will indeed be included to the number.


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