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Pininfarina Nido EV revealed

Pininfarina Nido EV revealed

The Pininfarina Nido EV electric town vehicle continues to be released, included in the Italian design firm’s 80th anniversary celebrations.

The Nido EV is really a two-seat, rear-engined city vehicle. It’s 215mm longer and 123mm wider a than the usual Wise, nevertheless its overall height is 37mm lower. It weighs in at around 900kg.

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It’s operated by a 40bhp motor unit which provides 92lb foot of torque. It features a selection of 87 miles, top speed of 75mph, -37mph duration of 6.7sec and could be recharged in eight hrs.

Power is kept in a Zebra Z5 Ni-NaCl battery, which Pininfarina states is notable for that contains no polluting chemicals and being 100 percent recyclable.

The prototype is made around a tubular steel frame, however the production model may have an aluminium spaceframe.

The vehicle revealed may be the first running prototype in the “Nido Development Programme”, a modular platform that new kinds of hybrid and planet is going to be developed.

The Nido structure is made to adjust to electric, hybrid, two-seater, 2 2 seater and lightweight van use.

Pininfarina states it’ll next display two four-seat, front-engined versions from the vehicle in the end.


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