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De Tomaso to bring back Pantera

De Tomaso to bring back Pantera

Reborn Italian marque De Tomaso is planning two further models to grow its range past the BMW 5-series GT rival the firm revealed in the recent Geneva show.

5-metre-lengthy Deauville – that is constructed from extruded aluminium featuring a luxurious, hands-stitched leather cabin – is made to sell on “luxury, spaciousness, style and exclusivity”. It’s been designed along with Pininfarina and it is operated by a turbocharged 2.8-litre V6 gas motor creating 300bhp. It’ll cost around £80,000.

However, De Tomaso vice-president of marketing and advertising Gian Luca Rossignolo, boy of company chairman Gian Mario, has grand plans for his father’s revitalised company, together with a new supercar and saloon.

See pics of the De Tomaso Deauville at the Geneva show

“I want to believe that we’re able to end up being the Italian Aston Martin,” he stated, “dealing within the same type of exclusive luxury and craftmanship. That’s an aspiration for all of us now, but it’s what we’re working towards.

“We hope to achieve the Deauville on purchase this fall,” Rossignolo added, “and to construct 3000 good examples annually from 2012. We’ll also create a Pantera supercar listed from about £250,000, in addition to a four-door limousine. Eventual annual production is going to be around 8000 models.”

Ex-Fiat Group executive Gian Mario Rossignolo masterminded the rebirth of De Tomaso he acquired the legal rights towards the brand in November 2009 and Pininfarina’s Grugliasco factory near Turin later.

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It required the majority of 2010 to refit the Grugliasco plant, where De Tomaso also acquired certainly one of Delphi’s old plants in Livorno. The firm’s plan’s to put together chassis and physiques-in-white-colored at Livorno and also to fit bodywork, paint and finished its cars at Grugliasco.

Export sales is going to be answer to achieving De Tomaso’s ambitious goals. “We expect northern European marketplaces to become our greatest,” Rossignolo stated, “but we’re already receiving lots of interest from China, where Italian luxury merchandise is very popular. I imagine we’ll be conveying a minimum of 1000 models annually to China within 2 yrs.Inches

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