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New Peugeot 408 released

New Peugeot 408 released

This is actually the Peugeot 408, that was revealed in the Beijing motor show a week ago.

However, it breaks with tradition by not an immediate substitute for that 407 repmobile familiar on Britain’s streets.

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Rather it’s a long-wheelbase, bustle-back form of the 308 hatchback, earmarked for that Chinese market where clients demand four-door bars with separate boots and lots of space for rear travellers.

It is dependant on the 2nd of PSA’s three modular platforms.

The 407’s direct substitute for Europe would be the 508, due the coming year.

It’ll make use of the biggest PSA platform (also employed for Citroen’s C5 and C6) with a more elaborate suspension compared to 308/408 along with a greater overall length.

Peugeot now acknowledges it designed a mistake by restricting the 407’s rear room so that they can drive large MPV sales.

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