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Chop, Drop & Roll: The Adri’s Custom Ghia

With Adrien’s brother Maxime on camera duty, we’re pleased to have the ability to provide you with this spotlight publish on exactly what is a stunning custom creation, however it was not always by doing this.

When Adrien selected in the vehicle this year and launched into project, it put up a couple of surprises. “It was my dream vehicle, however i discovered it had become very rusty,” he states. May be should be expected when you begin stripping a classic vehicle to its simplistic, however in this situation it required purchasing another vehicle. In the final form today you’re searching at 1966 body thrown on the ’71 left-hands drive floor pan and running gear, but that’s just the beginning of it…

In the start, Adrien wanted his VW to chop an excellent low profile, what he’d in your mind entailed a bit more than simply shedding the ride height. The floorpan itself now sits 2 ” greater up than factory, the leading beam was narrowed by 4.8 inches, and drop spindles were added. In the event that wasn’t enough, four inches were chopped from the roof height – the most challenging area of the build Adrien informs us – as well as an air-ride system initially created for a Honda Social was modified to suit.

Once all of the metalwork was complete, the Ghia covering was completely smoothed out and resprayed black having a eco-friendly metal-flake wrap for that roof. Combined using the chrome trim, polished European-spec bumpers and US-spec tail lights, it makes sense aesthetically stunning.

Adrien might have easily stopped there, but quite clearly he didn’t. Among the determining facets of this build may be the engine, that is happily on show out back and taking the phrase a ‘high-mount’ turbo one step further. Perched on the wild homemade tubular manifold, the forced induction setup utilises a Renault R5 All downhill Turbo carburettor along with a VW Passat turbocharger inside a draw-through configuration for a bit more power along with a great seem as well.

We have all seen American hot rods and customs with big block Chevrolet V8s and so on erupting through their hoods, but while Adrien’s boosted 1600cc flat-four could not be in comparison to something of that nature, exactly the same thinking still is applicable. Within this application, we believe it’s pretty damn awesome.

And just how good perform the white-colored-wall tyres on factory ’67 steel wheels with chrome hubcaps look? All of the better once the switch is flicked and also the Ghia sinks lower on its air-ride.

Inside, there’s more beauty in simplicity. The eco-friendly sparkle controls, shift knob and custom trimmed seats and door sections match perfectly using the roof. Another feature from the interior may be the ’67 Karmann Ghia dashboard, Beetle rear seat with polished compressor tank for that air suspension, and custom engraved door scuff plates featuring Adrien’s daughters’ names.

As with every custom projects, there are a variety of the way Adrien might have contacted this build, but we obtain the sensation he wouldn’t get it done every other way given half the opportunity to try it again. “It’s very awesome they are driving this vehicle,” he states. “She is extremely low, so other motorists smile once they take a look at her.” It is not confusing – we’re smiling too.

Since finishing the Karmann Ghia project, Adrien moved his focus on another unconventional but equally awesome build, this time around concerning a Renault Dauphine along with a Yamaha sport bike engine, but that’s another story…

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