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Direct Drive Into Orbit: Koenigsegg’s Electrifying Regera

Because the Geneva Worldwide Motor Show hits its stride, one vehicle has overshadowed the slew of supercars which have rained lower on Europe this season and been coming minds around the world. The Koenigsegg Regera originates to reign over everything here, in each and every sense. The figures keep getting bigger – it should be related to the lengthy winters in Norway. However there’s different things using the Regera, different for inveterate mavericks like Koenigsegg…

There are a handful of things we have all come to anticipate from this option, mostly concerning a nearly blatant disregard for that established order as well as an almost obsessed persistence for speed. The Regera doesn’t just hit individuals marks, it redefines not only what lengths you are able to set off reservation, what acceleration really means and just how you develop it.

You can just visit the very fact it’s a brand new Koenigsegg, tick the short box without any consideration and admire the Regera’s beautiful, organic shaping. It has a obvious transformative lineage in the previous models although presenting a much more swooping and sculptural package, their lovliest vehicle yet.

However once the specs are shipped, deadpan, it’s not to laugh as the mind gradually unravels. We begin using the fact it does not have a gear box.

This really is, in the end, a plug-in hybrid at its heart, kind of just like a Prius with one gear. Right. A 250mph Prius. Okay, it isn’t just like a Prius. This is actually the glory of Koenigsegg’s latest innovation: Koenigsegg Direct Drive, just one-ratio power delivery system that effortlessly bridges power from electric to combustion engine motivation in unholy style.

With different highly modified Agera S chassis, the Regera has 241hp electric motors on every rear wheel operated by a 9kW 620-volt, water-cooled battery store to assist a previously ferocious 1,100hp twin-turbo V8 mounted amidships.

That V8 is much like the 2nd stage ignition of the Saturn rocket – the in-wheel motors launch the vehicle using pure electric magic, along with third motor unit making 215hp works along with a hydraulic coupling to bridge the torque gap between your electric and nuclear-explosive device combustion engine. That’s almost 700hp in the electric chicanery alone.

Silence, silence, speed after which all of the noise on the planet and off into hyperdrive territory. 250mph in 20 seconds. A possible able to be used total of just one,500hp and a pair of,000Nm of torque.

The Regera also utilizes a regenerative braking mechanism to replenish battery. Continuously different transmissions aren’t any new factor, but no one’s ever done anything such as this using the concept. It might have a Christian Koenigsegg to achieve that, in the end.

The leading tyres are really wider compared to rears to pay for that weight from the battery power all surround ultra-lightweight carbon rims.

In the rear is really a bespoke, seem-updated titanium exhaust collectively produced by Akrapovi?, which utilizes fish-tail outlets either sides from the primary pipe – that is really a cooling outlet for that battery.

The attractive lines from the vehicle tend to be more than aesthetic flourishes in carbon – the large side intakes are a part of the complex aero system that keeps this missile pinned down. The chassis is full active-ride – the underbody fins could be dynamically controlled, the trunk wing sits hidden lower tight within the streamlined tail, appearing as necessary, and also the front fins similarly deploy instantly.

So, it’s quicker than other things imaginable that does not leave earth orbit, is definitely an aerodynamic marvel, looks incredible and it is a plug-in hybrid. It also whips its fill up just when you are not expecting it, turning out to be a totally different vehicle.

However again, as it happens the Regera is sort of a Transformer. Koenigsegg’s robotised marvel, things are manageable from the wise phone, with all of sections utilizing a soft-close system for your slicker-than-clever feel. The wing mirrors instantly fold in once the scissor doorways beautifully and instantly arc open.

Just 80 is going to be made. The factor is the fact that with Koenigsegg any time you visit a new vehicle that defies imagination, you realize there’s likely the following factor already ticking round the ever-active mind of Christian and the team.

A few years back I spoken concerning the savage weapons of Geneva. Searching back, they simply appear like child’s playthings the Regera has hit town…

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