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Carbon Having A Side Order Of Carbon: The Glickenhaus SCG003

Walking across the massive, starry halls of Geneva, what they are called hanging in the roof are those you’d expect. Multi-million pound corporates, the elites of the profession who’ve stands full of clever suits and beaming, enhanced smiles. You will find guerrillas within their midst, the reduced volume mavericks like Pagani and Koenigsegg who’ve continuously developed reputations during the last decade approximately to now stand shoulder to shoulder, uphold stand with individuals power houses of the profession.

However there is a new player around – someone who’s built their own bespoke carbon-monocoqued supercar and it is thinking about jump-beginning directly into being a constructor, damn the established order. Ambitious doesn’t start to summarize Jim Glickenhaus.

Suspended in the ceiling of all individuals other names, the Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus sign takes you for their stand in the center of Hall 2. Italian coach-builders Touring and Giugiaro are nearby, and appropriately so given Glickenhaus’ penchant for those things Latin the inspiring Sbarro school’s latest creations are opposite. They’re all penned in through the football pitch-size shows of Subaru, Opel, VW and Skoda.

Around the CGS stand, several incredible bits of stunning automotive carbon sculpture, road and race good examples from the SCG003, Glickenhaus’ third and many determined project. It’s visiting kick the establishment within the backside.

Revealing the cars at Geneva wasn’t any accident – it had been a pure statement of intent. Simultaneously as announcing the build programme, in addition, there’s the announcement from the car’s first race in three days time in the VLN opener in the Nürburgring. Bang. No messing about, not a secret testing, no coy leaked releases about how exactly it may be quicker than Vehicle X or Y round the Nordschleife – into the crucible of competition. The content is: come come along – should you dare.

Jim Glickenhaus clearly relishes the problem, in the end, he’s a genuine vehicle nut. He might have the cash – that’s confirmed – what he is doing with it is only inspiring. The SCG003 is all about discussing the fervour of racing, and why his previous racer, the P4/5 was this type of fan favourite. Your investment multi-million pound cars the elite buy however either never drive in anger or physically can’t without support – or perhaps permission – in the factory.

The vehicle uses specifications which mirror current LMP1 prototype rules – you can observe aspects of that within the front lights groups for example – however with a design that appears back and forward. Ultra modern in aspect, additionally, it harks to the glory times of GT1 cars from the mid to late-’90s. Hyper-coupés, GTs on anabolic steroids instead of all-out prototypes that fall well outdoors what you are able see on the road.

You will find road and race vehicle variants from the SCG003, Stradale and Competizione… No, scratch that, there is a vehicle which may be a road or race vehicle. To demonstrate that, only at that year’s Nürburgring 24 Hrs Jim is intending to ascend to race morning, grab an espresso, mind to the carpark and begin his raw carbon SCG003S road vehicle. He’ll drive towards the Nürburgring around the regular public streets. They’ll then swap the road-spec wing for that big high-level race version, secure on slicks and… go race. For Twenty-four hrs. Hotel, road, track. It’s what this vehicle is about.

Speaking to Jim, you rapidly get up to date within the excitement from the project – an aspiration for many made reality.

For that SCG003 he enlisted the aid of Torino’s GranStudio design team, headed up by ex Pininfarina Design Director Lowie Vermeersch – Dino introduced the work to all of us last fall, and he’ll go into more detail around the car’s evolution and make within an article approaching soon. Having a wry smile Jim confesses that he or she is seen to become stealing Pininfarina’s design team one member in a time…

Over its carbon chassis is wrapped a cloak of much more carbon. There’s beautiful detailing, as well as little playful particulars such as the illuminated gauges which are installed on each side from the cockpit.

You will find mirrors, emerging in the finned recesses from the front bumpers – but even they’ve had a trick up their masturbator sleeves.

Each side from the wheel are small monitors exhibiting a relevant video feed from cameras in individuals mirrors, giving an infinitely more dynamic and spatially natural compared to single central screens utilized on many other GT cars. It may be upgraded to utilize a similar radar system to focus on cars surrounding you, as utilized on the Corvette GTs. There’s much more happening – but I’ll leave that to Dino to describe and provide context to.

Power develops from a 3.5-litre, twin turbo V6 produced from a Honda Performance Development unit. The figures aren’t blistering in context to something similar to, say, the Koenigsegg Regera, but this can be a performance vehicle created to run at race speeds – for twenty-four hrs. Practical such things as easy maintenance and repair were greater out there for that CGS003 series.

Jim’s already had a full race programme arranged, where fans can get to savor the vehicle although they still develop it. There is a wider goal though, another 24-hour race in France. The large one: Le Mans. When they build enough cars for homologation reasons there’s every chance he might get the eco-friendly light to have an worldwide programme – which will be something which will truly obtain the fans within the tribunes entertaining. I’d be among them.

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