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Daigo Saito’s Doing With A GT300 Corvette?

He’s won nearly every championship worth winning, and along the way has produced a really distinctive type of vehicle and hang up. Daigo can also be the the complete opposite of other Japanese motorists who don’t enjoy leaving the cars and platforms they know.

But Daigo is definitely up for challenge, whether it’s building the craziest JZX100 ever to appear in D1 Grand Prix competition, to drifting mid-engined Italian exotics. And it is the second that introduced me to Fat Five Racing – Daigo’s man cave/race shop – the 2009 week.

Getting seen a couple of pictures of an overfender-outfitted Ferrari 599 built by Fat Five to visit sideways, I arranged to go to Daigo at his compound within the Saitama countryside and so i could take a look. Regrettably though, on arrival The trainer told us the Ferrari had recently been shipped off and away to its owner who commissioned the build in a hurry. Don’t worry though, because there are always interesting cars in Daigo’s personal collection, and that i was there could be something I’d never witnessed before.

As it happens I had been right…

Yes, this can be a Callaway Corvette Z06-R GT3 race vehicle, you will find, Daigo will drift it, within the 2017 D1 Grand Prix series believe it or not. It’s amazing where searching for excitement takes him with vehicle choice, since this is next-level stuff.

This specific Z06-R contested the GT300 type of this year’s Super GT Championship in Japan, and Daigo selected up as you can see it here, complete with the fight scars you’d expect a vehicle that’s been raced for a few season to possess. But regardless of the light cosmetic put on, it’s an very firm base to construct upon.

You will find telltale indications of its former existence everywhere, in the visible ghost marks of old sponsor logos, to technical approval stickers from tracks like Fuji, Sugo and Okayama.

What about its potential like a D1GP drift vehicle? Well, in switching from circuit to drift spec, the wide body should prove very helpful in that contains the aggressive wheel and tire fitment that the pro drift alignment will introduce.

However, the present ride height will certainly need to be addressed.

The Z06-R will quickly been gutted to drop much more weight, as well as in usual Daigo fashion just the minimum of devices goes in.

The roll cage appears like it’s well as much as task with regards to the needed safety standards and structural rigidity, but never be surprised if Daigo contributes to it and modifies it to match. The Moton race dampers may should be ditched in support of some thing drift specific.

The C6 includes a transaxle gear box obviously – a sequentially-shifted one out of the situation of the race vehicle – therefore it all offers the opportunity to balance front-to-rear weight rather nicely.

This really is surely among the wildest drift projects that Daigo has ever launched into, and it is up there using the Liberty Walk-kitted Lamborghini Murciélago that is proven to blow people away.

One querry is still though: what’s going to power this factor?

Because it stands, the Corvette’s original race-spec V8 (filled with its Super GT power restrictor) still resides in advance, but I am hoping Daigo ditches it for any Toyota 2JZ. Everyone are beside me, right?

Stay tuned in for additional from the trip to Fat Five Racing, together with a fresh shop tour along with a detailed take a look at certainly one of Daigo’s most well-known drift builds.

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