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Hakone Turnpike With Four Supras & A Fairlady

Your day began out like every other having a Speedhunters shoot planned – waking incredibly early to bring along up my cameras, after which heading straight to the place. My destination this time around was the Mazda Turnpike in Hakone.

The famous Turnpike is really a motoring enthusiast’s paradise with smooth smooth tarmac, constant elevation changes, beautiful views around every corner along with a apparently endless way to obtain switchbacks.

Being relatively near to Tokyo, japan, the independently owned toll road is the best spot for anybody searching to check not just their machine’s abilities, but additionally themselves like a driver. It truly doesn’t get a lot better than this.

The Turnpike is another good way to photograph cars, then when the chance to shoot a particular 2001 JZA80 Toyota Supra RZ-S emerged, its owner, Hiba-san, was greater than thrilled concerning the idea.

Actually, he am thrilled he told his good buddies what happening, and subsequently factor I understood, our one-on-one session had grown by three more JZA80 Toyota Supras along with a Z33 Nissan Fairlady. With five cars to utilize along with a somewhat tight schedule, I rapidly created a brand new strategy – shoot Hiba-san’s RZ-S, grab a couple of extra shots of every of his friend’s machines.

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