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Subtle Aggression: A 991 GT3 Cup Conversion

Although he’d his heart focused on one, interest in the 991 GT3 was extremely high if this first grew to become available a couple of in the past, so Chris wound up compromising for a 991 Turbo S rather. At the back of his mind, it was not what he wanted though, and when that seed was grown the Turbo was not going to work.

While faster in nearly every way, it didn’t offer what Chris calls the “visceral driving experience” he was craving – something he understood the GT3 provides him with.

Before lengthy he was back looking for a higher-revving N/A vehicle, and that’s as he found that Porsche could be offering 30 paint-to-sample GT3s to become offered through select dealerships in america.

As fate might say, a nearby dealer had among the 10 ‘Fashion Grey’ 991 GT3s available.

Naturally, Chris immediately fell deeply in love with the vehicle, but because of the dealer were built with a pretty large margin onto it which everyone was calling from from condition offering to pay for as much as $40K over sticker cost to get hold of the automobile, he walked from the deal.

However in the finish, Chris’s wife convinced him to mind to the casino dealer and then try to negotiate a cost.

He did, as well as an agreement was arrived at, and shortly enough Chris was driving away within the vehicle of his dreams.

Naturally, he wasted very little time getting stuck into modifications that will enhance a couple of aspects and extremely result in the GT3 their own. The theme: subtle aggression.

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