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Wide Body Dreaming: The Rocket Bunny RX-7

Sure, the cars have altered through the years, combined with the ways we’re uncovered for them, however the feeling happens to be exactly the same. Each generation may have automobiles they imagine buying whether they have the way to, and there is a reason most are predicting that Japanese sportscars would be the newest boom within the collector vehicle market.

However the one factor that’s different relating to this group from those that came before is exactly what they dreamed to do to for their cars. As the ‘Cuda or Countach guy may have fantasized about parking his vehicle in the spare room, waxing it on Saturdays and taking it every sunday, the more youthful generation saw their cars a little differently.

As opposed to just attempting to own something similar to a Supra or perhaps an RX-7, this option desired to begin to play using their dream cars – fitting high-finish tuning gear from Japan, turbo upgrades, rare parts of the body, bigger wheels and much more. It had been this more youthful generation of hot rodders that helped kickstart the tuning movement within the 1990s.

One of these simple people was Jim Pan. Jim got his start modifying Japanese cars in 1991 having a Mugen-outfitted Honda CR-X. He continued to construct a number of other cars too, including an AWD Bald eagle Talon TSi, an EK Social Type R and something his favorites – a contest Yellow Mica FD3S RX-7 having a full variety of Blitz parts. In 2001, the FD was wrecked and Jim replaced the vehicle having a Honda S2000.

Within the following years, Jim saw themself moving towards European cars. He founded a golf club known as TWCompetition and it was involved in many builds that ranged from BMW M3s and AMG-Mercedes to some twin turbocharged Ferrari 360.

In ’09, Jim began a number of vehicle shows known as Tuner Galleria, which brought him to creating much more contacts inside the automotive aftermarket. He met Kei Miura the very first time this year, as soon as the brand new Rocket Bunny Scion FR-S package was striking the market.

Annually later Jim traveled to Japan where he visited Miura-san’s shop in Kyoto and discussed the thought of future collaborations. Eventually, he asked Miura arrive at the 2014 Tuner Galleria Chicago event, held last March. When Jim caught a peek at the approaching Rocket Bunny package for that FD3S RX-7, he was offered.

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